© 2013 Silent Fox Farm LLC, Columbus, Ohio - Brooks, Colt

Gelding, Bay, 2010

If I could name myself, I think Houdini would be perfect. I am an escape artist at heart, and I can unlatch my gate and I do that whenever I find the chance, just to practice. As one of the youngest horses in the barn, I have to earn my reputation for mischief.

It’s sort of a happy accident that I am at Silent Fox Farm but Ellen and Jessica are glad I’m here. Ellen originally bought my mother, a gray, for her daughter Jessica to ride when she outgrew Pumpkin. My mom really was a beautiful horse, and very well bred, but mom turned out to be a better mother than a competitor. When Jessica had to leave for school,  Ellen sent her to a breeder for her to become a broodmare.  That’s when I came on the scene! Ellen says that my mom was the perfect mother, it was her true calling, and I have to agree. The breeder kept my mom because she really liked her, and I came to live and work with Ellen at Silent Fox Farm.

I am proving to a be a very capable young horse, exceeding all expectations. But I can get a bit lazy. I like my downtime as I’m a pretty relaxed fellow. I love Ellen and Jessica, but some days I just don’t want to work much. I’ve attended a horse show and I really liked it. I can’t wait until I can go more often and perform regularly. I am pretty sure heads will turn when they see me.