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Mare, Bay, 1988

I excel at teaching riders how to ride and teaching how to jump. I work primarily with new riders. One of my favorite riders was a wonderful woman from Japan. She needed to move back home to her country, and I miss her. We had a special connection and I was excited to see her every time she came to the barn.

I am leased from time to time for competitions which makes me happy. It’s good to keep those joints in use!  Ellen tells me my life is pretty good, in fact the best life she thinks a horse has ever had:  I get fresh hay and water every day, a clean stall, lots of love and rides, and can come and go as I please into the field. But I only want the best.

Ellen’s had me all my life, and I am the horse that taught Ellen the most about training. I had some very specific training needs as a younger horse and it took a long time before I was able to teach Ellen that I needed to compete more and take more trail rides. I enjoyed being the center of attention and getting to sight see a bit. We are far beyond that point, and I eagerly look forward to competing now. I am a beautiful horse to show, if I do say so myself!