Meet our Owner

©1988. JC Totten, Allentown PA. Ellen Isabel Jennings.

© 1988. JC Totten, Allentown, PA.

At age 6, Ellen (Isabel) Jennings remembers announcing to her mother that if her two older sisters could ride their family pony, Bud, she would too and that she wanted lessons. One of her oldest memories from grade school was of telling everyone in the first grade that she was going to ride. The passion she exhibited then is no less than what she exhibits now.

Ellen is a graduate of Bishop Hartley High School and graduated from The Ohio State University after studying accounting. She went on to work at Price Waterhouse for several years, but continued to pursue her passion of raising and training horses throughout this time while she raised her young daughter, Jessica, who inherited the love to ride and show horses.

In 2003, Ellen determined that her career was her horses and set out to establish Silent Fox Farm so that she could share her love of horses and English riding with the public. The barn was completed in 2006.