Keep Awake

Ellen (Isabel) Jennings’ large pony was named Keep Awake. Keep Awake was a family pony that first was ridden by Ellen’s older sisters and eventually came to be hers. She learned a lot by riding Keep Awake and, although he was undisciplined at first, he became a trusted animal and a beloved member of the family. As he became too small for her to continue her training, Keep Awake was sold to a man in the horse market and was eventually sold to a man whose young daughter, a girl with emotional issues, was drawn to Keep Awake‘s personality on a visit and begged her father for him.

Keep Awake aged gracefully and, near his end, he seemed to have a premonition of his death in that he cantered himself in the ring on his final show, something most horses do before retiring from the ring. Soon after his owners knew he must be put down and they led him to his place of rest. As he left the barn, Keep Awake stopped and whinnied, and every horse in the barn whinnied back to him. It was a fitting tribute to the beloved patriarch in the barn. He was buried on a beautiful hill overlooking the farm.

“He was a special horse,” and all the other horses knew it, too.