Horse Training

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Silent Fox Farm Training Opportunities

  • Specific training for improved behavior and performance in the hunter/jumper ring
  • Training to jump, with proven success in re-training retired, career racehorses into strong competitors as hunters/jumpers
  • Training to improve a horse’s general disposition to provide greater handling and manageability for leisure riding


Our Training Philosophy

Training involves a repetitive and consistent application of discipline and rewards. Rewards reinforce acceptable or desired action, and discipline is applied to remove or discourage an undesirable behavior. This process requires time and repetition, but it also requires cooperation on the part of the animal’s owner and handler to learn new methods of interaction with the animal.

It’s of course ideal to train a horse with good habits from the beginning. It’s an unfortunate reality that some horses come with behavior “baggage” from prior owners, such as poor training as a young horse or pony or improper or abusive treatment. However, horses can be retrained with great success. Our successes in this area currently in our barn include PumpkinGrant, Pokey and Sweetie, as well as several horses/ponies that have been sold and continue in their competitive careers.



Each training situation is as unique as the personality of each horse and for this reason we do not post a standard training regimen or a standard fee, although charges are based on the half- or full-hour of training as needed. Before any training begins, a thorough assessment is required. If you are interested in learning more about Silent Fox Farm’s methods for training or have a horse that requires training, please contact Ellen Jennings today for more information.