© 2011 McMillin Photography. Used with Permission. Jewel with Rider Jessica Jude.

Photo © 2011 Shawn McMillen Please mention Silent Fox Farm’s referral.

Mare, Chestnut, 2005
Showname: Oskar’s Crown Jewel

I am one of the younger horses in the barn. Jessica, Ellen’s daughter, purchased me in August 2009.  I was only four when I came to Silent Fox Farm and the only thing I knew how to do was to be led properly.

Jessica and Ellen have taught me everything that I have learned. I was leading Zone V in the 3’3″ Amateur Owner Division until Jessica graduated college and moved away to Lexington to work. She was not able to show me in the summer because of her job, and as an exercise junkie, I have been missing her.

We are working toward more competitions in 2014 now that Jess is settled. I have a feeling we’ll do well!