Our Philosophy

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We believe that riding and caring for horses increases self confidence, poise and empathy and can be an asset to any rider, young or old. We train each rider regardless of age with the goal of developing respect for oneself and for the animal.

Our philosophy rests in training riders to appreciate the horse’s unique personality. As a successful team, rider and horse do the best when they trust each other and are tolerant of each other’s needs. Working toward understanding the animal’s character and learning to work with it, rather than against it, while disciplining when required, enhances the horse’s strengths and improves the rider’s abilities and confidence.

We believe that riding is only one part of the horse riding experience. Caring for the animal and attending to its needs is also part of the equation. At Silent Fox Farm, we work to teach you proper care of the horse, and also introduce you to basic training techniques to help you interact with your animal better throughout your experience.